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 Kitchen Dress Towels
Kitchen Pot Holders
Coasters, Pot Holder Hooks, Utensil Rest
Kitchen Sets
Chemo Hats
Eye Glass Holders (Cloth)

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Hello everyone and welcome to my site.
I am a Breast Cancer Survivor and have found a way to help with my Healing Process.
I have a love for sewing and in doing so I have discovered that it helps to fight the ever day physical and emotional pain along with depression that sets in; most especially when you have spent a year on Chemo and Radiation then loosing all your hair.  It almost feels like your life is over with all the associated test(s) you have to go through, it would be a really long list if I had to put it all down, so I will spare my new found friends I have met and those whom will be coming into my life through my website and my creativity that I love doing so much.
  I lost a sister a few years back to Pancreatic Cancer.  It is sometimes very hard (even though) I am now in remission to continue going for doctor appointments and various tests to make ends meet.  This LOVE I have for sewing can get costly as well which is why I hope you will browse through my site to look at my Hand-made Creations and hopefully find some things that you will like.  I only hope that you will do so by supporting BREAST CANCER victims and their WILL to continue to Heal by doing something they love to help keep up the only quality of life they have at present - not knowing If and When their cancer may return. 
Thanks for looking at my site and I hope you find something for yourself or as a gift for someone special in your life.
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